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Rates & Services 
Main Barn 12 x 12 stall with paddock $600                   
12 x 16 stall with paddock $650
Mare Motel 12 x 24 with 12 x 24 paddock $650.00 
12 x 12 with 12 x 12 paddock $575
Pasture $400.00 
Board includes hay 3 times a day with alfalfa and grass available. 
 Supplements/grain are fed free of charge at the mid-day feeding.  Owner to purchase, bag and place in a horse proof container in front of their horse’s stall. A feed room is available for storage of grain and supplements.  Owner to provide metal container to help in rodent control. Trailer parking is available at no charge. Additional Services Full care-Daily Blanketing, fly masks and sheets and turnouts six days a week $135.00 Turn outs six days a week $80.00Daily blanketing and fly mask and sheets$75.00         

Photo Credit to Jan Charlson Photogrophy

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