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Jordan Good

Show jumping and three day Eventing 

Jordan Good is a Three-Day Eventer and Show Jumper who has devoted most of her life to riding and training horses of all levels. Most of her early competing years were spent with respected Eventer and coach John Michael Durr. During that time Jordan competed multiple horses through the Preliminary level, show jumped up to the 1.20m level and groomed many FEI level horses for John Michael. Furthering her education as a rider, Jordan excelled under the instruction of Bella Mowbray. Her time at Mowbray Sporthorses allowed her to further develop as a professional equestrian where she not only competed at a variety of levels on a wide variety of horses but also began her career as an instructor and assistant trainer. In 2017, Jordan was named USEA training rider of the year. 1st place at the American Eventing championships in North Carolina and multiple other top finishes. Jordan is so excited to have her business at the amazing Skylark facility in 2019! 


Kate Hartmann


 Some  years ago, veteran East Bay Area dressage trainer Kate Hartmann found her way to the world of equine rehabilitation, communication, holistic medicine and natural horsemanship. She came to it from a classical dressage prospective, having trained with Hans Mueller and Inge Purnyia in her formative horsemanship years. "Later, I was just lucky enough to meet the right people and horses to head me in the direction of a more complete understanding of the nature of horses and how to incorporate that into my training."

On her march through the equine world she came across a myriad of horses who were in pain emotionally and physically and struggled to do their jobs. For help in discovering the root cause of these horses' problems, she instinctively sought out vets and trainers and "out of the box" thinkers such as Linda Tellington-Jones. "I was totally fascinated by what I was learning," she explains, "and I began to surround myself with more of those kinds of peopoe. Her main focus is balancing the horses' needs, the rider's goals and how to get them both headed in the same direction. 

Excerpt taken from article in California Riding Magazine. 

Training: Team
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